Job advertisement: SHK in programming

We are looking for a student assistant for the programming department as soon as possible. The weekly working time is 8 hours.

We look forward to receiving applications by 28.06.2023.

More security

Interface between the University of Münster and the Federal Networks is certified by the Federal Office for Information Security

Since 20.12.2022, the network transition between the University of Münster and the Federal Network-Connection Network has been certified with the "ISO 27001 certificate based on IT-Grundschutz" for secure data exchange. This certification is based on an elaborate auditing process, which WWU IT was the first university unit nationwide to successfully pass. The audit enabled the University of Münster's already high level of security to be further increased.

Approval of applications in the online tool WWUBEN from 01.06.2023 only with OTP

From 01.06.2023, the approval of group membership and identification applications in the online tool WWUBEN can only be used with 2-factor authentication via OTP (one-time password).
If you have not used OTP so far, you will need to install an OTP generator as an app on your smartphone and register it in the IT portal.

You will find all the necessary information and instructions at: OTP
A FAQ has also been compiled to answer the most frequently asked questions about OTP: FAQ OTP

From 23.03.2023: Remote desktops only accessible via VPN

As the next step in the implementation of increased security measures, all remote desktops will only be accessible via a VPN connection from 23.03.2023 onwards. You establish a VPN connection by setting up the Cisco Secure Client (Cisco AnyConnect).

Installation and application instructions can be found under VPN.

Shutdown of OpenVPN as of 16.03.2023

For security reasons, VPN access via OpenVPN will be switched off as of 16.03.2023. We therefore ask everyone who has been using OpenVPN to switch to the Cisco Secure Client (formerly Cisco AnyConnect VPN).

Here you can find instructions on how to set up the Cisco Secure Client (formerly Cisco AnyConnect VPN): Instructions