Home Office

Certain requirements are necessary for working in a home office, because you need access to your business data and programs and must be available to others by telephone. Some settings must be made on site at your office PC - if you do not have administrator rights, please contact your IVV.

Security advice: Please be especially careful in this crisis situation and question suspicious requests critically. Attackers try to exploit the crisis situation to gain access to access data or sensitive data via e-mail and telephone. Please note our security recommendations for users.

For Employees of the Faculties: Information of the IVVs About Home Office

IVV1 [de]
IVV2 [de]
IVV3 (homeoffice) or IVV3 [de] (digital teaching)
IVV5 [de]
IVV6 [de]

  • Access to Office Data & Programs

    The procedure depends on your equipment:

    Private PC / Laptop
    Please use a remote desktop connection which you establish to your office PC. Please do not use a VPN connection.

    Office Laptop
    In general, as a user of an office laptop, you should also establish a remote desktop connection to your office PC, unless you have already established other working methods for many years. If possible, you should only use a VPN connection if you do not have an office PC.

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    In this case, please always use the Horizon Client, not a VPN connection.

    Nothing changes for you.

  • Reachability by Telephone

    In order for you to be reachable at home, your work phone must be forwarded to your private phone or business mobile phone. The procedure depends on whether you have a Unify phone or another device. You can check this at https://nic.uni-muenster.de/NutzerTelefonanschluss.

    Note: If possible, you should use your private landline phone for call forwarding to keep the additional costs for Münster University low.

    Unify Phone

    • Unified Communication is not activated: Please activate UC by sending a short request to km@uni-muenster.de, including your name, your university telephone number and your WWU ID. Once UC is activated, follow the steps in the next paragraph.
    • Unified Communication is already activated: If you use a Unify phone, you can easily set this up via the UC Web Client. (You can identify a Unify device by the "Unify" label on the handset; if you are in your home office, you can check your device type on the page https://nic.uni-muenster.de/NutzerTelefonanschluss). To login, enter Your-WWU-ID@wwu.de and your WWU password. Our Instructions for Setting up Call Forwarding explain the procedure step-by-step. Further information is available on our Unified Communication website.

    SOPHO/Philips Phone
    You can configure call forwarding directly on your telephone. To do this, dial the call forwarding code *5, followed by the access code 0 and the call forwarding destination. (Example: You want to forward your telephone to your mobile phone with the number 0176 1831 2345. Dial *5 0 0176 1831 2345 on your telephone and wait for an switching tone. Call forwarding is now active). With the code number #5 you can deactivate call forwarding.

  • Virtual Meetings

    We offer several solutions as a replacement for face-to-face meetings:

    Video and Telephone Conferences
    Team Chat Mattermost 

    These services are intended primarily for meetings with smaller groups of up to about 20 people, not for conferences or lectures. An overview of the most important services can be found on our page Tools for Digital Teaching. Münster University has bundled information on this on the page Teaching in Times of Corona. Please also note the offers of your IVV.