Toos for Teaching AND SELF-STUDY

On this page you will find an overview of digital tools that you can use for self-study or hybrid teaching formats.

Name Description Use in Teaching Scenarios
Learnweb The Learnweb is Münster University's central learning platform for the provision of course materials. It is a Münster University-operated installation of the globally distributed learning platform software Moodle. With the available activities and materials and the wide range of functions, you can implement even complex eLearning scenarios in your courses. All types of courses:
  • Provision of teaching materials
  • Provision of recorded video content
  • Tests for learning sucess
OpenCast Studio With Opencast Studio you can easily create presentations with audio commentary (optionally with the picture of your webcam) on your own computer and upload them to the Learnweb. It is also possible to upload videos generated with the recording function integrated in PowerPoint.
  • Lectures
  • Talks
  • Practice/learning videos
WWUzoom With WWUzoom you can conduct video conferences with many useful functions such as screen sharing, whiteboard and chat. Because of its ease of use, WWUzoom is well suited for interactive formats such as seminars, tutorials or group work, but also for consultation hours.
  • Seminars
  • Tutorials/excercises
  • Consultation hours/support
  • Student learning groups
  • Presentations
  • Group work
  • Oral examinations (as far as permissible with regard to examination regulations and data protection)
Mattermost Mattermost is a team chat (comparable to Slack or Teams), which is mainly characterized by subscription-based "channels", but also allows direct messages to individual addressees. It is suitable, for example, as a return channel for questions from participants in a digital lecture or for group work.
  • Working and learning groups
  • Consultation
  • Feedback channel for questions during a lecture
sciebo With sciebo you can synchronize files and folders on different end devices as well as share and edit them with others.
  • Provision of teaching materials and videos
  • Collaborative editing of documents (e.g. for group work or for lecturers to comment on papers)
HedgeDoc With HedgeDoc, several people can edit a text at the same time. Thanks to the version display, it is always visible who wrote what.
  • Working and learning groups
Unified Communication Thanks to the Unify telephone software, which can be used in the web browser, not only can incoming and outgoing calls be routed conveniently and free of charge via private telephones, but conference calls can also be set up very easily.
  • Support/consultation hours
  • Preparation/follow-up of examinations
Exchange Via the central groupware system of Münster University, communication between lecturers and students can be paperless and contactless - even authenticated by means of a personal certificate.
  • Consultation
  • Submission of examination papers/theses
  • Distribution of individual tasks
LinkedIn Learning [de] Video tutorial offer of the learning platform LinkedIn Learning with over 14,000 video courses in 7 languages on many different topics from the areas of software, IT, design and business.
  • Self-study
Eloquence Eloquence is a language learning app for advanced English, specifically designed to increase active vocabulary. The aim is to achieve a more sophisticated level of expression when writing academic texts and giving presentations in English. The lite version of the app is available free of charge to members of the Münster University.
  • Self-study

Specific Offers of Individual Departments/IVVs

BSCW (IVV1) Learning platform, similar to Learnweb
Auditorium3 (IVV3) [de] Mumble-based VoiP solution for voice conferences