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Note: Please always keep your mattermost clients up to date.

Service: If you would like to exchange information easily within a department or working group, you can use our chat service Mattermost. A member of the department/working group can create a "team" in Mattermost and invite the other members to join.

Target Group: employees, students

Usage Costs: free of charges

T&C/ Privacy Policy:
Privacy Policy

Login: mattermost.uni-muenster.de

Contact: Hotline

  • Manual: Creating a Mattermost Team (Team Leader)

    1. Log in to mattermost.uni-muenster.de with your university ID and your university password.
    2. Click on "Create new team".
    3. Enter a name for the team (e.g. "Test Work Group") and click on "Next".
    4. Specify the URL for the team. If possible, select the team name (e.g. "test-work-group"). Click on "Finish".
    5. Invite the members of your department/working group/seminar group to join your team:
      1. by link: Click on your user name at the top of the navigation bar. Click on "Invite people". Click the "Copy Link" button to save the URL to your clipboard and send it to the people you want to invite to join the team.
      2. directly in Mattermost: If your colleagues already use Mattermost, you can add them to the team directly. Click on your user name at the top of the navigation bar. Click on "Invite people". In the field "Add or invite persons", enter the names one after the other and select the corresponding persons from the list. Click on "Invite members".
  • Manual: Using the Mattermost Team (Team Members)

    Click on the link you received from your team leader. Log in with your university ID and your university password. (Alternatively, you can also register directly at mattermost.uni-muenster.de and join your team via "Teams you can join".)

    You now have different ways to communicate in your team:

    • Public Channels: All members of a team can read and write on public channels.
    • Private Channels: Private channels are only visible to selected team members. Each member of a private channel can add other members, but only the channel leader and team leader can remove other members.
    • Direct Messages: Direct messages are intended for conversations between two people or within small groups. They are only visible to the persons involved.

    Note: You can be a member of several teams at the same time. You can switch between the teams using the left menu bar.

  • Manuals: Installing the Mattermost App

    Download and installation instructions for your operating system can be found in the following manuals: