Mass Mail

Service: If you are an employee of the administration and want to send an e-mail to a larger group of recipients at Münster University (e.g. students or employees), the CIT will take care of the dispatch. Please note that we need at least one week's notice for such a mass mail.

Target Group: employees of the administration

Usage Costs: free of charge

Application: Form (Self-Service-Portal) [de]

Contact: Service Desk

  • Tips: Formulating a mail text

    Please note the following when composing mass emails:

    • Font: Calibri
    • Font size: 11
    • Font color: black
    • Consistent structure for regular messages
    • Avoid too many markings (clarity)
    • Only underline links in blue so that they remain clearly recognizable
    • Display links uniformly as hyperlinks or written-out links
    • Signature separator between text and signature (enter minus, minus, space)


    English text for students

    If you are sending a mass mailing to students, we also need an English translation from you.
    You can mark this with the addition “English Version below” and “English Version”.