Service: You can access the Internet and services in the university network using the university LAN. The advantages compared to WLAN are higher stability and speed as well as extended security functions for registered devices. In addition to LAN connections for employees which require a registration of the device, there are freely accessible LAN ports (pLANet.X).

Target Group:
- LAN: employees
- pLANet.X: students, employees (private devices)

Usage Costs:
- LAN: free of charge
- pLANet.X: free of charge

Contact: Network Service

  • Manual: LAN

    As an employee, you have to register devices for use in the LAN via NIC_Online [de]. Normally your IVV will do this for you. The registration of devices is free of charge. If you want to use your private laptop (BYOD) in the LAN, you must have the LAN connection in your office converted to a pLANet.X port. In this case, you no longer need to register your device.

  • Manual: pLANet.X

    In order to use pLANet.X, you must have set your password for network access in the IT Portal. Choose an operating system for which you want to set up pLANet.X:

    MacOS X

  • Application for New LAN Ports

    If new LAN ports are required in your institution, please contact your IVV. The IVV will take care of the application.
    LAN Application for LAN Installations (PDF) [de]
    Price List for LAN Installations (PDF)[de] [de]