Service: In order to facilitate exchange and cooperation in departments or project groups, you can apply for a workspace in the Münster University Confluence.

Target Group: employees

Usage Costs: free of charge

T&C / Privacy Policy:
Privacy Policy

Login: Confluence

Contact: it.servicedesk@uni-muenster.de or via Ticket System

Note: For security reasons, Confluence can only be accessed from the university network. A VPN connection is required to have access outside the university.

  • Editing Confluence Pages (Users)

    1. Log in to Confluence with your university ID and password.
    2. In the directory ("Bereiche" > "Bereichsverzeichnis") select the space you want to edit.
    3. In the page hierarchy, select the page you want to edit or subordinate a new page to.
    4. To edit a page, select the page and click on the pen icon.
    5. To create an new page
      1. click on "Erstellen" for a blank page.
      2. click on "..." to create a new page using a template.
  • Applying for a Restricted Confluence Space (Administrators)

    To get a protected area (e.g. for chairs, project or working groups) in Confluence, send an informal request to it.servicedesk@uni-muenster.de. Please provide the following information:

    • the desired name of the space
    • an space abbreviation that will later appear in URLs (at least 3-6 characters, only letters and/or numbers are allowed)
    • a brief description of the space
    • the name of the responsible space administrator
  • Assigning User Rights (Administrators)

    Space Permissions
    In order to make your protected space available to certain employees or user groups, you must first assign appropriate permissions. To do this, select "Space Settings" at the bottom left of your space and then "Space Permissions". In the upper part of the admin page you will see the user groups and individual users assigned to the space; in the lower part you will see the anonymous access. Select "Edit Permissions" below the respective section. Now you have to log in again to change to administrator access. You can then make the following settings per user or user group:

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    Anonymous users may only have view rights (first checkbox), other rights may not be assigned here. If you are unsure about existing user groups, please contact the user administration. If you want to assign individual users, they have to register with Confluence first.

    After you have entered the users or user groups and set the desired permissions, click on "Save all". You can now exit administrator access by clicking the appropriate link.

    Page Permissions
    The permissions of your space are inherited by the subordinate pages. If, however, individual pages should only be accessible for viewing or only for a certain group of people, you can make these settings by clicking the lock symbol on the respective page. The restrictions of a page are inherited to subordinate pages - with the exception of "do not edit". If needed, this must also be set on the subordinate page.

  • Further Instructions

    In the university internal Confluence space Demo & Info Bereich you can find more information about the use of Confluence. Furthermore, you can use the LinkedIn- E-Learning Basic Course about Confluence and the Training Wiki of the Freie Universität Berlin.