Service: The content management system (CMS) "Imperia" is available to you for the maintenance of the internet presence of your department. Imperia is an editorial software that enables users to produce or edit Internet pages without special knowledge (e.g. HTML).

Target Group: departments

Usage Costs: free of charge

Login: Imperia (Note: Apply for Imperia access via the IT Portal under "WWU ID (account) and group membership".)

Contact: itsupport.wcms@uni-muenster.de

  • FAQ / Tips & Tricks

    I cannot register with Imperia, what should I do?

    • You have not yet received a user group for Imperia (Imperia role). If necessary, you can apply for this via the IT Portal under "WWU ID (account) and group memberships".
    • You haven't reset your WWU password since you got an Imperia role. You can do this in the IT Portal. When you change your password, your default password is transferred to Imperia.

    Checklist for a complete functioning of the OCE bar:

    • Third party cookies must be accepted.
    • In the settings of the OCE bar (in Firefox under the menu item "Add-Ons") the items "Auto-Login" and "Ignore" must not be checked be. For "Display content in" "new window" must be activated. When clicking on the symbol (i) next to the login button in the OCE bar, the entries for "Ignore" and "Auto-Login" should be set to "No".

    How can I expand the sub-categories in the category overview more quickly?
    If you hold down 'Ctrl' while clicking on the '+' of a category, all subcategories of that category will be opened. This is done with the '-' if you want to close all sub-categories.

    Why does it take so long to load the list of unlocked documents?
    If you enter the corresponding base path in the URL mask, the page loads many times faster than without it.

    When exactly do I have to press the refresh function? Only after I have published documents?
    It is advisable to use the refresh function (see Chapter 4.2 Refresh, p.65) if you want to unlock new documents (see Chapter 3.8 Unlocking Documents, p.62). This ensures that all documents in the left and right columns are also up to date. It is best to temporarily store all documents that you are preparing for publication in the list of documents to be released. When you are finished, refresh the documents and then finally unlock them. If individual documents have already been published that are also affected in the left and right columns, include them in the refresh. Individual pages can be refreshed much easier by using the corresponding function in "OneClickEdit" (see chapter 2.4 OneClickEdit, p.10).

    How do I customize the right column or the DeepL access?
    To customize the contents of the right column or the fast access, go from the main menu to the "Parameters" menu, where you can also customize the navigation. Click on the height of the heading whose navigation you want to edit, in the fourth column on the editing icon (or, if this is not available, on the +). The right column / the DeepL access for this category is automatically created or loaded and you are taken directly to the edit mode (see Chapter B.3. Adjusting the right column / the DeepL access, p.78).

    When unlocking, I get a number of error messages that are marked red.
    Red error messages are usually due to incorrect path specifications for embedded objects (graphics, PDFs). Check whether you have specified the links correctly. Also consider the graphic paths in the parameters. Often there is simply a blank space after the actual file name which must be deleted.

    Das Modul "Text, Tabellen, Grafiken" sieht bei mir ungefähr so aus:

    You are using the wrong browser. The module does not work in Internet Explorer or older Netscape versions. Use Mozilla Firefox instead.

    How do I upload files from the media database to the target system?
    Objects from the media database are automatically uploaded with the documents that refer to them. When you release a document, you can also see in the transfer log whether objects from the media database were also uploaded. If the same object is linked to several pages, it is only uploaded once.

    I want to open a document, but Imperia informs me that the document is locked/there is a conflict with another user.
    Imperia already shows on the desktop who is currently editing the document. In the detail view you can see this in the field on the far right. If there is a foreign user name there, the document is locked for you. If you are sure that the other user is no longer working on the document, but just forgot to log off, you can simply ignore the lock by scrolling down and clicking "Okay".

    How do I update PDF documents?
    Upload the new version of the document with the same name to the media database. Then import the page that links to the document in question. You do not need to change anything in the document, just run it through the workflow and unlock it again. The new version of the pdf-document will now be uploaded as well. If the old version is still displayed on the Internet, click on "Reload" in the browser or delete the browser cache if necessary.

    In the preview, the links in the main navigation do not work.
    The links in the main navigation are set in the parameters. They are specified there as relative links, that is, the links are only completed by the browser. On the Imperia development system, this only works if the documents concerned have already been created and published. Then the Imperia path /... is added to the relative link and you will also get to the correct page in the preview.

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  • Documentation

    For Editors
    Imperia Quick Manual for the New Web Design (PDF) [de]
    Imperia Manual for Münster University (PDF) [de]
    User Manual Imperia 8 (PDF) [de]
    Simplified Main Navigation [de]

    For Administrators
    Rubric Parameters (PDF) [de]
    Multilingual Websites [de]

    For Developers
    Programming Manual for Imperia 8.6 (PDF) [de]
    Administrators Manual for Imperia 8.6 (PDF) [de]