E-Mail & Groupware

Service: Every Universität Münster member has a personal e-mail address: "university-ID@uni-muenster.de". Important university e-mails will be sent to this address. It can be personalized in the IT Portal (e.g. "firstname.surname@uni-muenster.de"). After leaving the university (e.g. through exmatriculation or end of contract), students and employees can continue to use their email inbox for another three months (shorter periods may apply for other groups of people). After that, it is usually no longer possible to access the data and emails in it. Please ensure that you back up your e-mails in good time or forward e-mails relevant to your work to the appropriate persons.

As a student, you can check your e-mails via the standard mailbox. As an employee, you have the option of using the Exchange groupware. Exchange is used for the simple and secure administration of e-mails, appointments (calendar) and tasks.

Target Group: students, employees, alumni

Usage Costs: free of charge

Contact: Hotline

  • Manual: Retrieval of the Standard Mailbox

    Retrieval with a Webmailer
    You can access your standard mailbox worldwide and at any time using our webmailer perMail. An alternative login page is available for special cases (e.g. login as proxy).

    Retrieval with an E-Mail Program
    Select the e-mail program with which you would like to retrieve your standard mailbox:


    If you are using a program that is not listed here, you can use our settings overview for setup.

  • Manual: Retrieval of the Exchange Mailbox

    Activating Exchange
    As an employee, you can easily activate Exchange yourself in the IT Portal.

    Retrieval with a Webmailer
    For employees who use Exchange the Outlook Web App (OWA) is available.

    Retrieval with an E-Mail Program
    Select the e-mail program with which you would like to use to retrieve your Exchange mailbox:

    Android Mail

    Attention: The app "Mircosoft Outlook" for Android and iOS transmits your passwords to systems of the app provider and therefore must not be used to retrieve e-mails from the mail servers of Münster University. (This note does not apply to the original "Microsoft Outlook" on Windows and macOS).

    More detailed information on this can be found in the IT-Security section.