Setting up the Exchange Mailbox for Outlook

  • Automatic Exchange Account Setup

    Requirement: Your computer is on the university network or connected to the internet.

    When you start Outlook for the first time, a wizard for setting up the e-mail account appears. If you are already using Outlook with another account, you can start the wizard again by clicking on "File" in Outlook and then on "Add account". Select the option "E-mail account" and enter your Exchange e-mail address in the following window. (This is normally; if you have changed your main email name in the IT Portal, enter Then click on "Connect".

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    In the following window, select the option "Exchange".

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    Enter your university password. Tick "Save login data" and click "OK". Your account will be set up automatically. You can now close the wizard by clicking on "Process completed".

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  • Manual Setup (in Case of Configuration Problems)

    If the setup fails with the message "The name does not match any name in the address list", first check the email address and password. If both are correct and the error still occurs, you must manually configure the Windows credentials. To do this, go to the Windows credentials via Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Credentials Management. Then click on "Add Windows Credentials".

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    Now enter the Windows credentials:

    • Internet or network address:
      • If internal (within the university network):
      • If external (outside the university network):
    • Username: WWU\YourUniversity-ID
    • Password: Your university Password
    Then click on "OK". Now follow the instructions "Automatic Exchange Account Setup" to configure Outlook.

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