Service: With ZOOM X you can carry out video conferences and digital meetings with up to 300 participants (including screen sharing and chat). For events with more than 300 participants, you can book special licences. Due to its uncomplicated use and high stability even with many participants, the service is suitable for a wide range of communication scenarios, including teaching.

Target Group: employees, students

Usage Costs: free of charge


Contact: it.zoom@uni-muenster.de

Access: uni-ms.zoom.us (To log in, use the login via Single-Sign-On of Münster University.)

Note: Currently, problems with login occur if you change your university e-mail address after you have registered for ZOOM X for the first time. Please do not change your e-mail address at the moment. We are working on a solution.

  • Manuals

    Participation, Scheduling & Execution of Meetings


    Lectures & Courses

    Special Usage Scenarios


  • Functions

    Basic Functions

    • Create meetings without time limit for up to 300 participants (meetings with up to 500 participants are also possible on request)
    • Participation via PC/laptop with webcam and microphone, smartphone or telephone
    • Chat function
    • Screen sharing, e.g. for presentations
    • Schedule meetings from Outlook

    Possible Usage Scenarios

    • Seminars
    • Meetings
    • Short presentations
    • Consultations, consultation hours
    • Screen sharing
  • Data Protection

    Zoom is a cloud solution, i.e. the software is operated by the provider. However, Münster University has concluded a contract for commissioned data processing with this provider which has been thoroughly assessed by the Data Protection Commissioner. This ensures that the strict data protection regulations of the GDPR are complied with. In addition, the CIT administrators will make appropriate settings which further increase the software's level of data protection compared with the standard settings.

    Due to the immense popularity that Zoom has gained through the Corona crisis, the service is currently highly focused by the public, also in terms of data protection. On the one hand, this means that attempts at misuse (such as wilful disruption of video conferences) are on the increase, but on the other hand, possible weaknesses of the software are detected and can be remedied more quickly by the provider. For example, Zoom has recently reacted very quickly to criticism and hints and fixed potential weak points. The provider has meanwhile recognised the high importance of the topic, especially for European users, and is making efforts to improve transparency and user confidence through numerous measures.

    We consider Zoom via the University of Münster license to be uncritical in terms of data protection for the following reasons:

    • Contract for commissioned data processing between University of Münster and Zoom guarantees GDPR conformity
    • Many potentially critical functions disabled by CIT administration (e.g. login via Facebook)
    • Meetings are TLS-encrypted and can be protected against misuse (so-called Zoom bombing) by numerous Zoom features (password, waiting room approval, secret room ID etc.)
    • CIT has access to audit reports from Zoom
    • Zoom quickly fixes known vulnerabilities and will focus exclusively on security features in the coming months

    For those who still have concerns about using Zoom, we offer various alternatives, operated by the CIT itself or by DFN. However, these differ from Zoom in terms of functionality and quality and are therefore more suitable for meetings with few participants.

    Privacy Policy for the Use of ZOOM X

    ZOOM X: Security Settings & Functions

    Zoom: Background Information on Data Protection and Security

  • Virtual Background

    To protect your privacy, you can activate the virtual background in the settings or directly in the meeting in the video settings. In this way, your environment is not visible to the other participants. However, your device must meet the necessary requirements. If you want to mirror your video, you should also mirror the background file.

    The following pictures are available for download:

    © Sciebo
    © Sciebo
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    © CIT

    Further pictures that can be used as virtual backgrounds are provided by Münster University and the AStA:

    Virtual backgrounds provided by Münster University
    Virtual backgrounds provided by the AStA of Münster University

  • Alternatives

    Besides ZOOM X we offer several alternatives:

    • DFNconf: The video conferencing service of DFN is based on the software Pexip and is suitable for meetings with up to 23 participants. In addition, DFN also offers a service based on Adobe Connect, which can cover up to 200 participants. It is only available for employees.
    • Jitsi: The video conferencing service Jitsi is operated by CIT and is particularly suitable for smaller meetings with about 10 participants.
    • Telephone conference: Suitable for meetings with about 15 participants, where high stability and easy dial-in are important and no video transmission is required. Can be used by employees only.