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Service: Using the DFNconf portal, employees of Münster University can create a video conference, in which telephone participants and video conference systems can also join. According to DFN, the temporary restrictions on the service have now been overcome by additional resources.

Target Group: employees

Usage Costs: free of charge

Contact: Hotline

Access: www.conf.dfn.de

  • Manuals

    Follow our step-by-step instructions or download our Quick Guide: Video Conferencing with DFNconf (PDF) [de] to get all important information about the basic functions of DFNconf.


  • Data Protection

    The non-profit DFN-Verein (Association for the Promotion of a German Research Network), which operates the DFNconf service based on the software Pexip itself, is an association of German universities. The University of Münster is a member of this association and obtains numerous services from it, especially Internet and telephony, but also DFNconf. Further information on data protection at DFNconf is available at https://www.conf.dfn.de/datenschutz/ [de].

  • Alternatives

    Besides DFNconf we offer several alternatives:

    • Zoom X: With Zoom X you can carry out video conferences and digital meetings with up to 300 participants (including screen sharing and chat). Due to its uncomplicated use and high stability even with many participants, the service is suitable for a wide range of communication scenarios, including teaching.
    • Jitsi: The video conferencing service Jitsi is operated by CIT and is particularly suitable for smaller meetings with about 10 participants.
    • Telephone conference: Suitable for meetings with about 15 participants, where high stability and easy dial-in are important and no video transmission is required. Can be used by employees only.