Video Conferences with DFNconf

Using the DFNconf portal, Münster University employees can create a meeting room for a video conference (incl. presentation channel for PDF, desktop sharing), in which telephone participants and video conference systems can also join. A maximum of 20 participants can enter a meeting room.

Quick Guide DFNconf [de]

  • Manual for Organizers

    1. Open the DFNconf Website

    If you want to arrange a video conference with DFNconf, go to and click "Veranstalter-Login" ("Organizer Login").

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    2. Select Your Institution

    Click on "Einrichtung aus einer Liste wählen" ("Select an instition from the list") und select "Universität Münster". Confirm by clicking on "Weiter" ("Next").

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    3. Login

    Enter your WWU ID and your WWU password and click on "Login". When using DFNconf for the first time, you must now confirm the "Einverständniserklärung zur Datenübermittlung an Drittanbieter" ("Declaration of consent to the transfer of data to third parties").

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    4. Create a Meeting Room

    You will now be see the overview page of DFNconf. Click on "neuer Meetingraum +" ("new meeting room +").

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    Name the meeting room and set a host PIN ("Veranstalter-PIN"). Under "Mehr Einstellungen" ("More settings") click on "Einblenden" ("Show").

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    In the settings you can, among other things, enter a description for the room and define a guest PIN. You should set the guest PIN so that only people you have invited can participate in the video conference. Then click on "Sichern" ("Save").

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    7. Inviting Participants

    Once you have created a new meeting room, you can invite participants to join the conference. A maximum of 20 guests can join. Click on "Text template" of the meeting room in the overview.

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    You will find all necessary information (name of the room, room number, URL etc.) to invite guests to the room. You can simply copy the text and send it by e-mail.

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    8. Enter the Meeting Room

    You yourself must also enter the meeting room for the video conference. To do so, simply go to the overview of your meeting rooms and click on the room number. This will take you directly to the video conference. For more information on the setting options within the meeting room, please refer to the section "Manual for participants".

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    9. Delete a Meeting Room

    Once you have created a meeting room, you can use it regularly - like a conference room (e.g. for a weekly departmental meeting). The participants can enter the meeting room until you as organizer delete it. To do this, go to the overview of your meeting rooms and click on the name of the desired room. The meeting room settings are displayed and you can click on "Löschen" ("Delete") at the bottom left of the page. Confirm the deletion process with "Ja, ich bin sicher" ("Yes, I am sure").

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  • Manual für Participants

    1. Join the Video Conference

    To join a DFNconf video conference, you need the number of the meeting room (and the guest PIN if applicable) from the organizer. If you have received a URL to the meeting in an invitation mail, click on this URL. Alternatively, go to, enter the room number and confirm with "OK". If the organizer has assigned a guest PIN, you must also enter this PIN afterwards.

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    If you have more than one microphone/camera at your disposal or if you want to reduce the video quality, click on the three dots to get to the settings. Otherwise click on "video", to enter the meeting room. (Note:  If you want to test your microphone or camera before the conference, you can make a test call.)

    Participation via telephone:
    If you can only participate in the conference by telephone, dial the central dial-in number +49-30-200-979-0. To be put through to the meeting room, enter the number of the meeting room and complete the entry with "#". If a PIN is required for access, you must enter it before you can communicate with the meeting room.

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    2. Control Buttons

    The following operating options are available in the lower menu:

    • Microphone icon: mute/unmute
    • Power icon: leave videoconference
    • Screen icon: share screen
    • Person icon: add further participants
    • Dot icon: start/stop recording
    • Green bar: sound softer/louder

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    3. Sidebar

    Via the button on the left side of the screen you open the sidebar with the following functions and setting options (Note: Some settings are only available to the*organizer*in.):

    • Chain icon: copy URL of the meeting room (This is helpful if you want to invite more people at short notice.)
    • Dots Icon: central settings (e.g. block access to the meeting room, mute all guests, change view)
    • Speech bubble icon: chat function
    • Person icon: list of participants present

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