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Business Mobile Phone

Service: As a WWU employees you can apply for a business mobile phone if your department confirms its necessity. With the TwinPhone option, you can use this mobile phone for private purposes as well. However, the integration of the private telephone number is not possible with the TwinPhone option.

Target Group: employees

Usage Costs: depending on device and tariff

Application: Self Service Portal [de]

Terms & Conditions:
Terms of Use
Work Agreement TwinPhone (PDF) [de]

Contact: Media and Phone Service

  • Details

    Fill in the application form for business mobile phones in the Self Service Portal [de] and enter your account details in the IT Portal. To pick up your device, please make an appointment.

    Renewal of Contract
    You can extend an existing contract by e-mail to mobile@wwu.de, stating your mobile phone number.

    Devices & Tariffs
    In general, all end devices which can be obtained via the Telekom-Onlineshop are available. Price information will be provided on request. Calls within the WWU and the group of DFN telephone subscribers (landline and mobile service),  which most German universities and research facilities belong to, are free of charge. The following fees are valid for the standard tariff BusinessProfi:

    Fees (excl. VAT)
    Basic fee 5,40 € per month (paid for by the WWU IT)
    Calls to the German fixed network 60 minutes free of charge, then 0,03 € per minute
    Calls to the Telekom mobile network 0,03 € per minute
    Calls to other mobile networks 0,08 € per minute
    Text messages 0,06 € per text message

    The option "DatenFlat 500 MB", priced at 3,00 € per month, is particularly recommendable. Further tariff options are available on request.

    TwinPhone Option (Private Use)
    Note: The integration of the private telephone number is not possible with the TwinPhone option.

    The TwinPhone option allows you to use your business mobile phone for private purposes. TwinPhone includes unlimited calls to all German networks as well as a monthly data volume. To book TwinPhone, you need the approval of your cost centre manager (and, if you are an employees of the administration, the IVV9).

    The TwinPhone fees - that is a flatrate of 20% of the total monthly gross contract costs (approx. € 4.50) must be paid by you privately. Payment is made monthly by direct debit. Bank account details and consent to the direct debiting scheme are issued via the IT Portal.

    The minimum contract term for TwinPhone is three months. TwinPhone may be terminated with a notice period of four weeks at the end of the month and ends without separate notice upon the end of employment or the termination of the underlying official mobile phone contract.