Contact Persons

  • Hotline

    Topics: general questions
    Service hours: Mon-Fri, 08.00 am-05.00 pm
    Phone: 0251 83-31600

    Topics: SAP, campus management, clientsupport administration
    3.1 Service competence center
    Servicezeit: Mon-Thur, 08.00-16.00 Uhr; Fri 08.00-12.00
    Telefon: 0251 83-30303
    Ticketsystem: TopDesk

  • Service Desk

    Topics: general support, printing service, manual sale
    Service hours: Mon-Fri, 08.00 am-12.00 pm and 01.00 pm-04.00 pm
    Phone: 0251 83-31700

  • IT User Support

    Topics: personal support for PC problems
    Service hours (semester): Mon-Fri, 10.00 am-05.00 pm
    Service hours (semester break): Mon-Fri, 10.00 am-01.00 pm and 02.00 pm-07.00 pm
    Phone: 0251 83-31900

  • Identity Management

    Topics: user accounts, group affiliation
    Service hours: Mon-Fri, 10.00 am-12.00 pm
    Phone: 0251 83-31100

  • Media and Phone Service

    Topics: phone incidents, event technics, beamer lending
    Service hours: Mon-Fri, 08.00 am-04.30 pm
    Phone: 0251 83-31111

    Topics: business mobile phones
    Service hours: Tue 08.00 am-10.00 am, Thu 07.30 am-02.00 pm
    Phone: 0251 83-31111

  • Software Support

    Topics: help with the use of software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, OpenOffice, Prezi, Citavi)
    Service hours: Mon, Thu, 10.00 am-04.00 pm
    Phone: Since 01.01.2020 software support is only available by e-mail.

  • Network Service

    Topics: network administration
    Service hours: Mon-Fri, 08.00 am-03.30 pm
    Phone: 0251 83-31400

    Topics: network incidents
    Service hours: Mon-Fri, 08.00 am-04.30 pm
    Phone: 0251 83-31500

    Topics: on-call-service for employees in case of massive network incidents
    Service hours: Mon-Fri, 04.30pm-08.00 am; weekend/ holidays, 12.00am-12.00am
    Phone: 0251 83- 33333

  • Servicepunkt Film (SP Film)

    Topics: media competence mediation, help for self-help & initial support in the implementation of university audiovisual communication concerns
    Phone: 0251 83-29444
    Address: Scharnhorststr. 100

  • Servicepunkt Foto (SP Foto)

    Topics: camera lending, photo digitalization, consulting and teaching
    Service hours: Mon-Fri, 10.00 am-05.00 pm
    Phone: 0251 83-31900
    Address: Einsteinstr. 60 (Room 103)