ZOOM X: End-to-End Encryption

In addition to "Enhanced Encryption", which is activated by default for all meetings, ZOOM X now offers the option of activating end-to-end encryption for meetings. In this case, the encryption keys associated with the connection are not stored on the Zoom servers, but on the devices of the meeting participants. This additional protection against unauthorised access is recommended for meetings in which particularly sensitive content is discussed.


  • It is a prerequisite that all participants in the meeting have activated end-to-end encryption.
  • Some functions (e.g. telephone dial-in) are currently not yet available in these meetings.


  • Activate End-to-End Encryption

    Call up the ZOOM X web interface at uni-ms.zoom.us and log in. Click on "Settings" and select "Meeting" there.

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    In the "Security" section, activate the option "End-to-End encrypted meetings".

    If you want to set end-to-end encryption as the default setting for new meetings, you can do this under "Default encryption type". Then click on "Save". Regardless of this setting, the encryption can be adjusted individually for each meeting.

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    If you are now planning a new meeting, you can also select the type of encryption.

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  • Checking the Encryption of a Meeting


    During an ongoing meeting, the icon within the green shield in the top menu bar indicates which encryption is active:

    • Tick: enhanced encryption (default)
    • Lock: end-to-end encryption
    To verify end-to-end encryption, click on the green shield and then on "Verify" under "Encryption".

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    The security code displayed here must be identical for all participants.

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