Installation of the Mattermost-Client for Linux

The Mattermost client is available as an unofficial version for Debian-based operating systems as a Debian package.

Important: The application has to be updated by downloading it again.

  • Installation and update of the client (Debian package)

    1. Software Download

    At the command line, set up the Mattermost repository on your system:
    curl -o- | sudo bash

    2. Installing the application

    Install the Mattermost Desktop App:
    sudo apt install mattermost-desktop

    3. Update the application

    If needed, update the Mattermost Desktop App:
    sudo apt upgrade mattermost-desktop

  • Initial configuration

    1. Adding the WWU Münster Server

    After opening, add the server: Choose a description for the server (e.g. WWU), enter as the server address and click "Add".

    1. Adding the WWU Münster Server
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    2. App Settings

    You now have the following setting options:

    1. Start the Mattermost client at every system start
    2. Activate spell checking
    3. Notification of unread messages in the taskbar
    4. Notification for new message
    5. Graphics card support (recommended)

    2. App Settings
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    3. Sign In

    Sign in with your WWU ID and password.

    3. Sign In
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