About Us

The CIT is the IT center of Münster University and responsible for all aspects of IT infrastructure, for communication and media technology as well as for media competence.

The CIT performs both centralised and decentralised services, including planning, installation, operating and support as well as service and maintenance. Furthermore, support of activities on a decentralised level referring to the whole communication network, telecommunication system, audio-visual media, computers, system software and application software is provided. In addition to that, the CIT is in charge of all IT facilities at the university. In order to fulfil these tasks, the CIT is divided into seven divisions:

  1. Management Services
  2. Methods & Coordination
  3. Service Competence Center
  4. Specialist Applications
  5. Application Integration
  6. Systems
  7. Communication Systems

Further tasks of the CIT include the cooperation with other university IT centres, the continuous procurement of information about the latest developments in information technology, and the support of the university management, the IT Commission and the IT Steering Committee in all questions of information processing. To this end, the CIT cooperates across universities within the framework of DFN (German Research Network), ARNW (Arbeitskreis der Leiter wissenschaftlicher Rechenzentren in NRW), ZKI (Zentren für Kommunikation und Informationsverarbeitung) and DINI (Deutsche Initiative für Netzwerkinformation). The CIT operates the Science Network Münster for the networking of local universities and research institutions (FH-Münster, Kunsthochschule, MPI) and participates actively in the RV-NRW (Ressourcenverbund NRW).