Mattermost Installation with macOS

Requirements: You have installed an up-to-date version of macOS or OS X (10.12+).

  • Installation of Mattermost

    1. Software Download

    Download the Mattermost client from the official Mattermost homepage and open the dmg-file.

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    2. Software Installation

    Drag the Mattermost icon into the "Applications" folder.

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    3. Clean Up the Installation

    Eject the virtual installation drive by right-clicking the symbol.

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  • Starting of Mattermost

    1. Starting the Mattermost Client

    After successful installation, open the Mattermost client and accept the security message.

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    2. Set up

    After opening the client, enter the server: Choose a description for the server (e.g. WWU), enter as the server address and click "Add".

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    3. Sign In

    Log in with your WWU ID and your WWU password.

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