Leave of absence

After re-registration, you may submit a request for a leave of absence due to important and substantiated reasons. You can do this online via your SelfService and your request must be submitted no later than the last working day before the lecture period begins. In exceptional cases, a leave of absence may be granted before the end of the lecture period. In this case, please contact the Student Admissions Office directly.

As a rule, students may only request a leave of absence for one semester (exceptions: child-rearing responsibilities, participation in PAD or DAAD programmes).

Important reasons for taking a leave of absence and the required substantiating documents

  1. Federal Volunteer Service (FSJ, FÖJ), voluntary military service (letter or certificate from the responsible office/department)
  2. Period of study abroad (confirmation from the foreign university)
  3. Stay abroad incl. voluntary work placement abroad (copy of your work placement contract or confirmation of your stay abroad)*
  4. Voluntary work placement in Germany (work placement agreement or confirmation from the work placement provider)*
  5. Illness (medical certificate)
  6. Pregnancy/Maternity leave (pregnancy record book (Mutterpass) or confirmation from the attending physician)
  7. Child-rearing responsibilities (child's birth certificate)
  8. Care-giving responsibilities for family members (confirmation of care level/degree of care)

*must lie at least 6 weeks within the lecture period.

Semester fee: To be eligible for a leave of absence, you must pay the semester fee in full and re-register. For leaves of absence due to illness, pregnancy or foreign study, you can request to be reimbursed for the amount charged for the services of the Studierendenwerk until 15 May/15 November. For leaves of absence lasting longer than one semester or for leaves due to voluntary civil or military service, you can be reimbursed (upon request) for the full amount of the semester fee.

If you wish to be reimbursed for your semester ticket, you can submit your request directly to the Student Admissions Office.

Enrolment continues: During your leave of absence, you remain officially enrolled as a student of the University. You are not entitled, however, to receive financial aid payments through BAföG. Your semester on leave is not counted as a degree-programme semester (Fachsemester). For absences lasting longer than one semester, petitioners normally do not receive a semester ticket from the second semester onward.

No examinations: Students on leave are not entitled to complete required coursework and/or examinations at the University of Münster. This rule does not apply to retakes of failed examinations, requirements for participation in a foreign exchange programme or practical semester, for which a leave of absence was granted, and in the case of a leave of absence to care for one's children or family members. 

The first semester: Students are generally not allowed to take a leave of absence in their very first semester. The only exception might be when a student wishes to complete a semester abroad at a foreign university or accept a foreign work placement prior to commencing a master's degree programme at the University of Münster.

Students of the University of Music (FB 15) must upload confirmation that they have attended a consultation meeting. For upcoming dates and information on consultation meetings, please contact the University of Music, Ludgeriplatz 1, 48151 Münster, Tel.: +49 251 83 -27461, email: studienbuero.mhs@uni-muenster.de.