Student ID card

Studierendenkarte - front Studierendenkarte - back


The student ID card can be used for the following purposes:

  • Student ID card
    By presenting your student ID card, you identify yourself as a student of the University of Münster. Your student ID also entitles you to concessions at public facilities, such as the municipal swimming pools.
  • Library user ID card
    Your student ID also doubles as a library user ID for use at the University Library (ULB). On the back of your student ID card, you will find your personal ULB user number printed under the bar code. For security reasons, this ULB user number must be activated one time only.
  • Copy card
    With your student ID card, you can print and make copies on any of the 300 multifunctional devices available in the University's libraries, institutes and central buildings.
  • Mensa card
    With your student ID card, you can purchase meals and beverages at all dining halls and bistros at the University at the student rate.

For more details on how to use the copy card and Mensa card, visit the website of the Studierendenwerk Münster.

  • Photo upload

    Please log in by entering your WWU-ID and password below.

    Newly enrolled students will receive a preliminary user name by post a few days after enrolment, together with the request for payment of the semester fee. With this preliminary user ID, the student can set his/her personal password. If this is your first enrolment, you can log in two days after entry of your semester fee.

    Re-enrollees can log in with their old WWU user ID and WWU password two days after the semester fee has been processed and upload a new photo if desired. Otherwise, the card will be issued with the photo stored in the programme.

    After logging in, you can upload a photo of yourself via the entry mask. Your photo must meet the following criteria:

    jpeg file (non-compressed, if possible, to prevent loss of quality)
    resolution/ pixels: ideally 480 x 640, but no less than 240 x 320
    file size: max. 1 MB
    aspect ratio: 3:4 (if your photo doesn't have this exact ratio, the uploading programme will automatically cut it to size)

    In case you receive an error message saying that your photo has a "wrong/ incorrect extension", please try again with a different device or browser.

    If you have not received your student ID card within three weeks after uploading the photo, or if you have any technical problems or questions, please contact the Student Admissions Office at, providing your student ID number.

    If you have lost your card or it has been stolen, you must apply for a replacement by sending us the application for a duplicate. It is not sufficient to simply upload a new photo. Please read the information in the drop-down "Requesting a replacement card".

  • Activating the library card function

    The easiest way to activate the library card function is through online activation. Log onto the page and enter your WWU-ID. In the next step, enter your ULB user ID number. That's it! After submitting the data, the system will inform you when your card will likely be activated. Later, you will receive notification by email, informing you that activation is completed and that you can use your student ID as a ULB library card.

    Other important information around the library card function, e.g. how long your card is valid, what to do in case of loss, and safety precautions can you find in the flyer at [de]. If you have further questions please contact the circulation team (phone +49 251/83-24032, Mon. - Fri. 8 am - 5:30 pm;

  • In case of loss or theft

    If your student ID goes missing or is stolen, you can obtain a replacement card for a fee from the Student Admissions Office. If you still have credit on your old card, please note on your request form for a replacement that the Student Admission Office should inform you of the old card number so that you can have your credit paid out or transferred at the Mensa.

    If you had the ULB activate the library card function on your student ID, please report the loss or theft of your card to the ULB lending desk immediately. The library staff will block your ULB user account to prevent its misuse by third parties. You may also notify us during working hours by phone at +49 (0)251 83-24032 (or at -24027 on evenings and at weekends). Once you have been issued a new student ID card from the Student Admission Office, be sure to have it reactivated at the ULB in order to use it again as a library card.

  • Requesting a replacement card

    • If you need a new copy of your student ID card, you can request a replacement by bringing an official photo ID to the Student Admissions Office or submitting a corresponding written request.
    • You will have to activate your replacement card at the University Library (ULB) one time only.
    • The University of Münster charges a 15-euro fee for issuing replacement student ID cards. This fee must be transferred to the University Cash Office account within two weeks after receipt of the card. Instructions for payment are provided (or sent by post) together with the new card.

    Damaged cards
    You will receive a new student ID card free of charge upon return of the damaged one. Please have the credit balance paid out at one of the Info Points in the Mensa am Ring or Aasee before submitting your application.

    Making changes or corrections to your name
    You will receive a new student ID card free of charge upon return of the old one. Please have the credit balance paid out at one of the Info Points in the Mensa am Ring or Aasee before submitting your application.

    Request form to obtain a replacement card

  • Data protection/ Validity

    • No personal data is stored on the chip of your student ID card. Your uploaded photo file is only used for producing the card and is not forwarded to third parties.
    • Your student ID card is valid every semester for up to six years. Shortly before your card expires, you will be automatically issued a new card which will be sent to you by post.
    • The old Student ID cards without photos are only valid when presented together with an official photo ID.