For students who are already enrolled at the University of Münster

By re-registering, you inform the University that you wish to continue your studies in the following semester. To re-register, all you have to do is pay the semester fee within the prescribed four-week re-registration period regardless of whether you plan to change degree programmes, apply for admission to a new programme or request a leave of absence. The re-registration portal opens at the beginning of July for winter-semester enrolment and mid-January for summer-semester enrolment. The University will remind you to re-register via email to your university account.

Visit the re-registration portal

You may choose one of two methods to pay the semester fee: the SEPA direct debit scheme or electronic transfer.

  • SEPA direct debit scheme

    You can simplify the process of re-registering by having the payment of the semester fee automatically debited from your bank account via the SEPA direct debit scheme. To do this, log on to the re-registration portal with your ZIV user ID within the four-week re-registration period, click on "Studiumverwaltung" (Academic administration) and "SEPA-Mandate" (SEPA mandate), and enter the IBAN of your bank account. When you save the data, you automatically grant the University of Münster permission to directly debit your account. It is no longer necessary to send a written permission form!

    Visit the re-registration portal

    The semester fee is then debited from your account by the University Cash Office every semester thereafter. Normally we send an email to your university email account two weeks in advance, detailing the amount and date of the debit. You may rescind your mandate at any time, and upon de-registration (exmatriculation), the mandate is automatically terminated.

    More information on de-registration

  • Electronic transfer

    After receiving the request for payment of the semester fee via email, log on to the re-registration portal with your ZIV login data.

    Visit the re-registration portal

    By clicking on "Studiumverwaltung" (Academic administration) and "Bezahlen und Rückmelden" (Payment and Re-registration), you can view the semester fee which you personally have to pay. This amount takes into account any overpayments or outstanding fees from the previous semester.

    Please transfer the semester fee to the account of the University of Münster indicated on the page. Under the section "Verwendungszweck" (intended purpose), please remember to include the 13-digit reference number (without spaces or hyphens).

    More information on the semester fee

  • You haven't received an email from us?

    If you don't receive an email from us, notifying you to pay your semester fee, this might be due to one of the following reasons:

    1. Your account might be automatically forwarding your emails to an invalid email address.
    2. Your email box might be full, preventing you from receiving any new emails.
    3. Our email might have landed in your spam folder.

    Visit the "Mein ZIV" user portal where you can also sign in to your WWU email account.

  • Other important information about re-registration

    1. The semester fee must be deposited in the account of the University Cash Office by the given deadline. Please note that it can take up to a week after transferral of payment for the University to confirm receipt of your semester fee in your Gebührenkonto (fee account).
    2. After we have received your semester fee, you may download your semester certificates by going to the menu heading Studiumverwaltung (Academic administration) and clicking the link "Studienbescheinigungen für alle Semester" (semester certificates for all semesters).
    3. In the case of overdue payment of your semester fee, you will be charged a late fee of 1.50 euros. This amount is charged in addition to your semester fee and listed in your "fee account" under "Soll Betrag" (debit amount).
    4. If your postal address happens to change, you can update your data in your user account by going to the menu heading Allgemeine Verwaltung (General administration) and clicking the link "Kontaktdaten" (contact data).