Teaching degree programmes

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Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB) [de]

The ZSB advises prospective students on all matters of university study. It provides general information on teaching degree programmes and offers counselling and support to students who encounter difficulties during their studies. General information for prospective international students ist provided by the International Office.

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University Centre for Teacher Education (ZfL) [de]

The ZfL offers advice on general matters related to teaching degree programmes, teaching internships and practical semesters. The ZFL provides students the opportunity to reflect on their career goals in individual and group sessions.

Degree course advisors [de]

Degree course advisors help prospective students prepare for university study by offering advice on the specific requirements, content and structure of their future programmes. As you pursue your course of study, your degree course advisor can answer your questions concerning subject-specific content. For more information on individual subjects and degree course counselling, please refer to the ZSB Study Guide.

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Educational Studies [de]

All teaching degree students are required to complete the Educational Studies module. These courses are designed to help students gain a scientific perspective on educational processes, educational systems and their general conditions. In the following, you will find important information about this programme module.