Santander-Mobility Fund: Funding of international and national Research Visits

Apply now for funding for your research stay or your active conference participation from the Santander Mobility Fund!

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“The Santander Mobility Fund allowed me to present my master’s thesis on nanocrystal semiconductors at a prestigious conference in Sevilla, Spain. Thanks to the direct contact with experts in the field, I gained a new perspective on my findings and was able to supplement them with important aspects in a publication. Most of all, it allowed me to expand my personal network and helped me secure a doctoral position as part of a European research network at an institute in Spain.”

David Tiede, Faculty of Physics

Would you like to visit a renowned research group or present e. g. the results of your Master's thesis at a conference? Apply now for a grant from the Santander Mobility Fund! The aim of the funding is to give excellent students the opportunity of a research visit. At the end of your stay, you will report on your experiences within a format of scientific communication proposed by you.

An application is possible at any time, however, please note that your documents must be submitted to SAFIR no later than four weeks prior to your planned research/conference stay. Your application form (docx) with a letter of recommendation of a professor at WWU Münster has to be submitted to SAFIR: Please add also a motivation letter, a time and working plan (active conference participation: conference schedule and proof of own contribution), a CV as well as a semester certificate.

Funding requirements:

  • You are an enrolled BA-/MA-student at WWU Münster
  • Your planned project is related to your studies or your BA’s/MA’s thesis. The application must clearly indicate scientific or subject-specific relevance.
  • The project is not already fully financed by other institutions
  • At the time of your application the host institute has already confirmed your stay. For funding of active conference participation please submit a confirmation of the conference organizer
  • The length of your stay may not exceed five days (active conference participation) resp. three months (research stays). The duration of research stays must be at least two weeks.

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