Visiting researchers with families

Accepting a research or teaching assignment abroad can be quite a challenge – not only for the researchers themselves, but also for the family members who accompany them. The Dual Career Service offers professional orientation and (new) career prospects to partners of newly appointed staff. As a family-friendly institution, the University of Münster is committed to helping visiting researchers and their families make their stay a success. On the following pages, you will find information on childcare services, schooling and financial support for families.

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Dual Career Service [de]

When academics receive an appointment at the University of Münster, their life partners are often forced to put their careers on hold. The Dual Career Service was established to help them map out their career prospects and reorientate themselves professionally.

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Childcare services

All children age four years and older are legally entitled to receive a place in a publicly subsidised childcare facility. Because childcare services are in such high demand, we recommend obtaining information and registering your child at a childcare facility well in advance.

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All children in Germany age six and older are required to attend school in accordance with federal education laws.

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Financial matters

Residents of Germany are entitled to public subsidies in the form of a parental or child benefit, provided that certain conditions are met.