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Employees with children

The University of Münster supports family-friendly career development with numerous programmes which improve the work-life-family balance. In addition to certain rights guaranteed under German law, such as entitlement to parental leave and parental allowance, staff and employees can choose flexible working models, apply for funding from the University’s Programme for the Advancement of Women, and take advantage of special employee support services.

These include the Family Service Office and the Dual Career Service. While the Family Service Office provides advice and coordination to all University staff to better manage and balance professional and family obligations, the Dual Career Service specifically strives to offer new career perspectives to the life partners and spouses of academics employed at the University.

The University of Münster is committed to supporting employees who wish to take a leave of absence to bring up their child or care for a family member in need. Continuing education seminars and personnel development measures ensure that employees remain in contact with the University, retain and expand their professional skills, and find it easier to return to their jobs following their leave of absence.

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Child Care

Good child care is essential for parents to be able to concentrate fully on their jobs. There are different kinds of child care for different needs, and many options for families.

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Financial Aid

Elterngeld is a parental allowance intended to compensate families for loss of income after the birth of a child.

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Legal Matters

If you are expecting a child, there are a few formalities to be dealt with regarding your employer, in this case the University of Münster.

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Münster offers a wealth of different school types and choices for your child’s school career.

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Rooms for Parents with Children

The University of Münster offers several baby changing rooms, nursing rooms and special rooms for parents where they can work while their children can play.

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Service and Advice

If the information you need cannot be found on these pages, there is always the option of getting individual advice: in a personal meeting that is tailored to your needs, advice and support can be given in more specific ways.