Teacher with two pupils

By the age of seven, all children in Germany are required by law to receive formal education. Compulsory full-time schooling concludes after nine school years, comprised of the primary level, followed by the secondary level I and II. The school-leaving certificate corresponds to the type of secondary school the children attend. Educational policy in Germany is drafted and enforced at the state level. Therefore, school forms are not the same in every German state.
On the Education Portal of the NRW Ministry of Education and Training, you will find detailed information concerning school legislation and the various school forms in North Rhine-Westphalia.


Schools in Münster

Münster offers parents a variety of school forms and opportunities to determine the best academic path for their children. You can search for suitable schools using the school database operated by the Münster Office of Education and Training and receive personal consultation (also available in Bosnian, Croatian, English, Polish, Russian and Serbian). A translator can be arranged upon request.
Numerous schools in Münster offer exchange programmes, foreign language instruction in various languages, instruction in native languages and special German courses for foreign pupils. There are five accredited European Schools in Münster which usually offer more advanced foreign language instruction, bilingual instruction and the chance to receive an internationally recognised school-leaving certificate.

If your child would like to attend a primary school in Münster for less than three months, the Welcome Centre at the International Office would be happy to help you find a suitable school.