Family care


Many people have to arrange nursing care for a family member at some point in their lives. In most cases, it's the grown-up children who must assume the burden of caring for their elderly parents. But there are also times when spouses, children or other family members require care.

Such situations usually occur unexpectedly. Caregivers are faced with the challenge of reconciling their familial responsibilities with their professional or academic obligations. The information below can offer you some guidance even if no nursing care level has been officially recognised despite a family member requiring increasing care.


For more information on the following questions concerning family care, please speak with our staff.

  • How does the University of Münster support employees and students who require more flexibility for balancing family caregiving and professional/academic obligations?
  • What are the deadlines for requesting caregiver leaves of absence?
  • How much caregiver leave may I request and what are the prerequisites?
  • Where can I get help with determining the need for care?
  • What measures have to be taken?
  • Who can provide professional nursing care?
  • Where can I find others in a similar situation with whom I can talk?
  • What will my father/mother do while I’m at work during the day?
  • How can I network with other caregivers at the University of Münster?

You can find various nursing courses offered by the city of Münster.

Advice services

Working caregivers are faced with a daunting challenge. Aside from the psychological, physical and emotional burden that comes with caring for family members, employees have to also process and consider a wide range of information. In a personal meeting, we can help you develop viable solutions for your new situation.