Information on the postdoc phase

The University of Münster supports and advises academics in all matters related to the postdoctoral phase. For those who decide to pursue a career in academia, it is important to plan the next steps carefully. There are multiple career paths and each reflects a different disciplinary culture. That is why the University focuses on individual career planning and offers services that cater to diverse needs during the postdoc phase.

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Academic career with family

The University of Münster considers the specific circumstances and needs of its German and international researchers in the postdoc phase. Be it childcare, flexible working hours, financial counselling or support for relatives in need of care, the University offers its research staff numerous ways to adequately meet these challenges.

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Career support programmes for women

The University of Münster is strongly committed to promoting gender equality in the German academic system. In order to support the academic ambitions of female junior researchers, the University offers a number of career-support measures and programmes specifically targeted at women.

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Funding programmes and scholarships

Whether you are interested in attending a conference, completing a research visit abroad or creating your own group of junior researchers, the University of Münster offers postdocs customised advice to help them find suitable funding opportunities and scholarships. Regular information events provide an overview of the myriad funding and grant offers available.