Future Lab

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The Future Lab functions as a flexible swivel joint, connecting the Rectorate, central administration and researchers in faculties and large-scale partnerships. In the Future Lab, project participants and relevant stakeholders collaborate to develop, coordinate and carry out strategy and innovation projects of overarching importance to the University of Münster. These include the Excellence Strategy and research alliances with strategic relevance to the University as a whole.

The Future Lab cultivates a practice of subsidiarity and participation which drives innovation and excellence in research, instruction and transfer at the University of Münster. Based on a shared understanding of top-notch research and social responsibility, decision-makers, committees and researchers work together to develop the strategic framework for the entire University. At the Future Lab, this established counter-current principle generates special potentials which serve to renew and regenerate the University.

The Future Lab functions as a round table where researchers, administrative reorrepresentatives, as well as civic and political stakeholders come together to discuss and develop specific projects of general strategic importance to the University of Münster.  

Our services for the Rectorate and central administration include:

  • agile and participative coordination of complex, large-scale strategic projects
  • ensured transparency and multifaceted options for participating in current strategy and innovation projects
  • professional data-based preparation of strategic decision-making processes
  • workshops, exchange platforms and moderated discussions related to strategy and innovation projects

Our services for researchers include:

  • strategic and coordinative support with creating large-scale research networks and alliances
  • one-stop-shop for Excellence Clusters and initiatives
  • professional data-based support of research projects (including competition and cooperation analyses)
  • exchange and networking forums in profile- and potential-relevant areas
  • targeted, needs-oriented workshops, e.g. for preparing Excellence Cluster draft proposals