Academic staff

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More than 4,000 academic staff work at the University of Münster in faculties, research facilities and business units as employees or civil servants. They are responsible for a wide range of tasks in research and teaching, the administration of degree programmes and examinations, and university management. Many of them are doctoral candidates or post-docs who are pursuing advanced academic qualification. In their function as employed staff, they often head junior research groups – especially in scientific subject areas.

  • Entry

    Numerous job opportunities for academic staff are available in all faculties on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in seeking employment at the University of Münster, or have questions regarding current job openings, please contact the responsible institute or department, for which the position is being advertised.
    Outstanding junior researchers also have the possibility of earning their doctoral degree within three years as part of a structured PhD programme. Applications can be submitted directly to the corresponding Graduate School.

    The University of Münster promotes externally funded junior research groups by allowing them to coordinate their own organisational and research activities and by providing them with a budget that offers them financial independence during the entire project funding period. Moreover, the University actively supports the heads of junior research groups by helping them develop their personal career perspectives throughout the project period.

    To help you get acclimated to the University as quickly as possible, we have developed a series of seminars entitled "The University and Me" (Die Uni und ich), comprised of short presentations which introduce the most important services and procedures at the University.

  • Development

    Regardless of whether you are pursuing advanced academic qualification for a limited period of time or are involved in long-term tasks in research, teaching and university management, your professional development is important to us.

    The Graduate Centre of the University of Münster offers consultation and cross-disciplinary qualification measures, and provides assistance with planning your career in the academic or non-academic field.

    The Centre for Teaching in Higher Education (ZHL) [de] offers beginning and advanced teaching courses to new employees at the start of their teaching career.

    With the mentoring programme "Erstklassig!" (First Class!), the University supports female junior researchers and post-docs who are interested in pursuing a career as a professor. The qualification programme "Women in University Management" prepares women for their future responsibilities in university management. As soon as you receive your employee ID, you can take advantage of all internal continuing and advanced education courses offered at the University of Münster.