Representative bodies

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Student government

There are various bodies of student government at the University of Münster: AStA (General Students' Committee), departmental student councils, the student representatives in the University Senate, and a number of student interest groups as well.

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Equal Opportunity Office

The Equal Opportunity Office is committed to ensuring gender equality for both women and men. It supports the University with implementing its statutory gender equality mandate and offers corresponding services and programmes for women. The Equal Opportunity Officer and her deputies also advise women who encounter discrimination in the workplace.

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Staff councils

There are two staff councils at the University of Münster – one that represents academic staff and the other non-academic staff. Other representative bodies include the Academic Staff Advisory Committee and the Youth and Trainee Representatives.

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Representative for the Severely Disabled

The Representative for the Severely Disabled supports employees at the University of Münster who live with severe handicaps. The office provides information and assistance in all matters related to (severe) disabilities and professional life.