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There are two staff councils at the University of Münster which are responsible for tasks mandated by the State Staff Representation Act (Landespersonalvertretungsgesetz) and other laws. The Academic Staff Council represents the University's academic employees, while the Non-Academic Staff Council represents the interests of its non-academic employees. Their tasks include:

  • monitoring the compliance of laws, regulations, collective agreements, public service agreements and administrative directives which benefit the employees
  • safeguarding the employees' freedom of association
  • taking measures to prevent accidents and health hazards
  • receiving suggestions and addressing complaints from the employees
  • supporting the integration and professional development of the severely disabled and other vulnerable individuals, especially older people
  • implementing professional advancement measures for the severely disabled
  • promoting integration of foreign employees of the University and facilitating understanding between them and their German colleagues
  • collaborating closely with the Youth and Trainee Representatives in order to advance the interests of young employees and trainees
  • supporting gender equality among women and men


Staff Council (Personalrat) [de]

Academic Staff Council (Personalrat der wissenschaftlich Beschäftigten) [de]

The Student Assistants Office is responsible for addressing the concerns of student assistants who hold a bachelor's degree (SHB), as well as those without a degree (SHK).
Student Assistants Office





Another representative body at the University of Münster is the Academic Staff Advisory Committee. Its meetings promote the exchange of information between faculty representatives and members of the University committees, such as the Senate and Senate Commissions.

Academic Staff Advisory Committee (Rat akademischer Mitarbeiter) [de]

Employees under 18 years of age, as well as professional trainees, civil service trainees and work placement students are represented by their own Youth and Trainee Representatives.

Youth and Trainee Representatives [de]