Student government at the University of Münster

Student body

All students at the University of Münster belong to the student body. Its central responsibility is to ensure that the political, academic, economic, social and cultural interests of all students are represented.
Overview of the student body

AStA (General Students' Committee)

The representative organs of the student body are the Student Parliament and AStA (General Students' Committee). The Student Parliament is the highest decision-making committee of the student body. Its members are elected by the students. The members of AStA are elected by and are answerable to the Student Parliament. AStA is responsible for implementing parliamentary resolutions and providing information to the Parliament as needed.
AStA of the University of Münster

Departmental student councils

All students enrolled in a faculty, degree programme or subject belong to their departmental student body (Fachschaften). They elect members of their department to represent their interests within their programmes or subject areas.
Overview of the departmental student councils [de]


Student representatives are also seated on the faculty boards and the University Senate. They participate at all levels of decision-making in conjunction with the professors and the academic and non-academic staff.
Members of the Senate [de]
Elections [de]

Student groups and committees

The political influence of the student body at the University stands or falls depending on the personal commitment of each and every student. Their interest in university policies is perhaps best reflected in their membership in policy-making groups, involvement in university-political events and participation in elections at the faculty and university administrative levels.
Overview of the student groups and committees