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Career opportunities at the University of Münster

The University of Münster (WWU) owes its success in research and teaching to its committed, experienced staff. In this section, we provide extensive information about work placements, training programmes and employment opportunities for staff and students of the University of Münster. Here you will find general information, job advertisements, work placement announcements, training programme openings and administrative services. We hope you choose the University of Münster!

  • Healthy Balance

    The University of Münster knows that balancing one's career and private life is key to enjoying a good quality of life. As a cooperative employer, we strive to cultivate a wholesome working environment which makes for a well-balanced, satisfied and motivated staff.  To this end, we apply a comprehensive approach of working time models, personnel development measures and workplace health promotion programmes.

    All management-level staff at the University of Münster are committed to achieving this goal by engaging in constructive dialogue and working to ensure that health promotion is established in all areas of the University.

    The health of our staff is the basis for a long-term productive career. Consequently, the University of Münster offers an extensive range of health promotion and maintenance services, e.g. the multifaceted and needs-oriented sports and preventive exercise courses in the University Sports programme, the health promotion programme "Nutrition - Movement - Relaxation" by the In-house Medical Service of the University Hospital Münster (UKM), and many other health-related support services offered in various facilities.

  • Time for Flexibility

    Depending on one's department or field of activity, our staff can take advantage of various working time models, e.g. part-time work, life phase-oriented solutions and flexible working times.

    We generally take the personal interests of our staff into account and provide them with as much freedom to schedule their working hours as possible.

    In March 2004, the University of Münster introduced an alternating teleworking model as a flexible form of employment. With this model, employees complete a portion of their work from home and the rest at the University. For staff members who have children or family members in need of care, this option represents a viable solution for meeting the obligations of one's career and familial responsibilities. 

  • Mobility

    The University of Münster provides its staff a "Job Ticket" which entitles them to a discount when using public transport operated by the Münsterland Ruhr-Lippe Transport Authority.

    The Bike Station at the Münster main train station ensures mobility at all times and provides a safe place to store one's bike.

    University bicycles are available if you need a pair of wheels to reach a meeting or appointment during your work day.

    You will find that most facilities on campus offer a sufficient number of parking spaces for bikes and cars.

  • Vocational training

    Get ready for vocational training in an exciting and diversified working environment! With some 45,000 students and 7,115 employees, the University of Münster is one of Germany's largest universities. Together with the University Hospital Münster (UKM), the WWU Münster is the largest employer in Münsterland. Not only can you study at the University of Münster, but also gain vocational training which can lead to promising career opportunities.

    The University of Münster is renowned for its cutting-edge research and high-quality teaching in an extremely pleasant working and living environment. What many do not know, however, is that aside from researchers and academics, there are 1,800 other employees from a wide range of professional groups – computer experts, businesspeople, craftsmen and lab technicians – who all work behind the scenes to ensure that research activities and academic operations run smoothly.

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The University of Münster – A Family-Friendly University

The University of Münster has held the "audit family-friendly university" certificate since 2008. During the certification process, all University groups were involved in implementing many small and larger changes which improved the compatibility of career/study and family life for all staff and students of the University of Münster.

As part of the re-certification process, the University has now assumed lasting responsibility as a family-friendly university. Rejecting the notion of working and studying despite having children with the more positive idea of working and studying while raising children, the University has explicitly demonstrated its desire to anchor and continue developing family-friendly working, research and study conditions.

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Programmes for female junior researchers

With its mentoring programme "Erstklassig!" (First Class!), the University of Münster offers female junior researchers and post-docs a career path to professorship. The qualification programme "Women in University Management" prepares women for their future responsibilities in university management.

More information about programmes for female junior researchers