Managers and professionals

If you possess expertise, experience and/or management qualities, there are challenging tasks and projects that await you at the University of Münster.

If you are someone who wishes to contribute their skills and commitment to achieving success in a richly diverse working environment, we encourage you to apply for a position at our University.

We are looking for experienced individuals with specialised backgrounds who can help us further strengthen and enhance the standing of the University. We are strongly interested in project managers who are adept in flexible planning and controlling, and managers who are capable of resolute action and bold decision-making.

Join us and become part of one of Germany's largest universities!

  • Entry

    How do I reach the custodian? Where do I get the key? Who is responsible for installing software? And what's the name of my colleague who works in the first office down the corridor?

    The University of Münster assigns mentors to new employees to help them get settled into their new jobs quickly. These mentors are experienced colleagues who are available to help you with any work-related or social problems that you encounter in your first few days and weeks on the job.

    Additional services for new and existing staff include:

    • introductory events for new employees
    • regular orientation and feedback meetings
    • annual staff-supervisor meetings
    • an extensive range of in-house training courses
  • Development

    We are constantly working to improve ourselves – and so should you!

    With things constantly changing inside and outside the University, life-long learning plays a significant role for our staff. In addition to achieving entry-level qualification, our staff regularly requires advanced qualification in specific fields so that they can adequately perform their duties. This results in new career development opportunities. We encourage you to enhance your qualifications for your own personal success and that of the University of Münster – by assuming new and exciting responsibilities and completing professional and methodical continuing education courses.

    Do you enjoy developing your potential on a permanent basis? Then you have come to the right place!

  • Application

    Your application to our job advertisement should include the following:

    • a personal cover letter, describing your interest in the position and our university
    • your CV (in tabular form) containing complete information about your prior education, professional experience and other qualifications
    • all relevant certificates (training programmes, university study, past jobs or work placements, relevant additional qualifications, and a preliminary overview of your grades if you are still studying or in apprenticeship)
    • statement indicating the earliest possible date that you could begin