Continuing education at the University of Münster

In 1998, the German Higher Education Framework Act was amended to make continuing education one of the core responsibilities of German universities together with research and teaching. Ever since, the University of Münster has offered high-quality continuing education programmes for academics and managerial staff, as well as executives and board members in business, administration and the service sector. The continuing education providers at the University of Münster are the Münster University Continuing Education and JurGrad [de].



Münster University Continuing Education

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The non-profit organisation Münster University Continuing Education was established in 2006 as a 100% subsidiary of the University of Münster. It was an important step toward expanding and bundling the University's continuing education activities. Its primary objective is to directly support the continuing education efforts at the University and combine scientific/academic study with professional practice. The Center offers seminars, certification courses and master's degree programmes within the full range of subjects offered at the University of Münster.


Part-time master's degree programmes

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The Center of Scientific Executive Education enables professionals to pursue a master's degree at the University of Münster on a part-time basis in certain disciplines. Master's degrees earned through part-time study are legally equivalent to those based on corresponding undergraduate programmes. To enrol, participants must have obtained prior academic qualification, e.g. an undergraduate degree with 180 ECTS credits. Click the following links for more details about the specific profile of each programme:


Certification courses

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Condensed knowledge taught at a university level in a short period of time – these are the essential advantages of enrolling in a certification course. Click on the profiles below for more information about the admission requirements and certification which course participants can gain.



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In addition to courses designed for individual professional groups, e.g. teachers and tax consultants, the Center of Scientific Executive Education offers seminars in the subject areas of its master's degree programmes and certification courses. The Center also develops customised business seminars and training programmes based on the specific wishes of its corporate clients.