Internships at the University of Münster

Are you almost finished with school or do you have to complete an internship as part of your graduation requirements? The University of Münster offers internships for pupils in order to help them choose an occupation and become acquainted with the University as an employer.

Do your study regulations require that you complete a mandatory internship as part of your university education? We offer student internships in the University administration for various degree programmes.

Are you required to complete a mandatory work placement as part of a retraining programme? We can help you find one in the University administration in selected occupational fields.

With some 45,000 students and 7,115 employees, the University of Münster is one of the largest universities in Germany and largest employers in Münsterland.

The University of Münster is committed to supporting young talent – not only in research and teaching, but also in the administrative and support-service areas. Internships and work placements provide an opportunity to become better acquainted with a broad range of professional fields in a positive learning and working environment. Work placements are an ideal way to prepare yourself both personally and professionally for a successful career.

School internships

Is your graduation on the horizon, or are you required to complete an internship as part of your school education?

We offer school internships in various vocations to help pupils choose a profession and offer them a chance to become acquainted with the University of Münster as an employer.

Please inform yourself in advance as to what profession or vocational area you are interested in and make sure to apply early as there are only a limited number of internships available. The best time to apply for a school internship is about three to four months before the internship is supposed to begin. For more information on our vocational training activities, click here.

You can find an overview of the professions, for which we offer training, in the FAQs below and on our online portal. You can apply directly for internship openings online via the portal. When you apply, be sure to have the following documents and information prepared:

  • answers to the questions: “Why are you interested in this profession?” and “What professionally related experience/insights from private/school life can you bring to the internship?”
  • CV and most recent report card
  • if applicable, info letter from your school regarding the internship requirements


The procedure for awarding internships at the University of Münster is not based on a central list of openings. Rather, we try to offer each candidate a suitable position based on their individual profile, and that in coordination with the respective departmental coordinator. Consequently, we cannot provide you with any information on the phone regarding your prospects of being selected. Thank you for your understanding.



  • Who should I send my application to?

    You can submit your application via the application portal of the University of Münster. Click the button “Online-Bewerbung” to apply directly for a school internship in the profession of your choice.

  • What happens during the application process?

    After receiving your application, we assess whether we can offer you an internship. We will then contact you. Please be patient as it can take two to three weeks before you receive a response from us.

  • What professions do you offer internships in?

    You can get to know the following professions through a school internship:

    • laboratory chemist
    • electronics technician for energy and building technology
    • electronics technician for devices and systems
    • IT specialist in systems integration
    • IT specialist in application development
    • precision mechanic
    • gardener in ornamental plant cultivation
    • geoscientific preparator
    • glass apparatus maker
    • IT officer
    • IT system electronics technician
    • office management specialist
    • sport and fitness specialist
    • carpenter

    It is not always possible to arrange internships at the time you desire. For example, internships as gardeners in ornamental plant cultivation can only be offered between March and October.

  • What if a school internship is not mandatory? Can I still apply for one voluntarily?

    Yes, it is possible to complete a voluntary internship during your school years. If you would like to gain insight into professional life during your school holidays, we would be happy to receive your application.

  • When should I apply for my school internship?

    The ideal time to apply for school internships is about three to four months before the internship is supposed to begin.

  • How do I know whether there are free internship spots available in my desired profession?

    The University of Münster does not keep a fixed list of all internship openings. We try to arrange a suitable school internship for each applicant based on their individual profile.

  • Can I also get to know the study programmes at the University of Münster during my school internship?

    School internships at the University of Münster are offered to introduce pupils to the professions for which we offer vocational training. If you are interested in the degree programmes at the University of Münster, we suggest contacting the Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB).

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Mandatory work placements

Would you like to complete a mandatory work placement as part of your degree programme requirements? Or are you required to complete a work placement as part of your retraining programme?

The University administration offers internships and work placements in a wide range of areas. Simply take a look at our organisational chart to get an idea where you could complete a work placement.

Please submit your application early via our online portal and make sure you have the following information and documents prepared:

  • answers to the questions “What vocational area are you interested in?” and “What prior experience can you bring this position?”
  • letter of motivation, CV and certificates
  • desired period of the work placement

Based on this information, we will assess whether we can offer you a suitable work placement.

The same applies to students who wish to write their thesis with us in the University administration.


Faculty internships are awarded directly by the faculties. If you are interested in applying for an internship in a faculty, please contact the responsible coordinator in the working area of your choice.


  • What are mandatory work placements?

    Mandatory work placements are internships which pupils or students are obliged to complete in accordance with secondary school or university regulations or as part of a training programme at a state accredited vocational school.

  • Could I also complete a voluntary work placement?

    A voluntary work placement is only possible in the area of school internships.

  • Who should I contact to apply for a work placement in the administration (e.g. in the financial or HR depts.) and what documents are required?

    You can submit your application documents via our online portal. There you will find further information on the documents we require to process your application.

  • Who should I contact for a work placement in a faculty or a degree programme-related internship (e.g. in chemistry or biology)?

    Please submit applications for student internships to the corresponding faculty. Click here for a faculty overview.

  • What is the process for awarding work placements?

    When you submit your application via the online portal, please include the information on the following:

    • When would you like to complete the work placement?
    • Is the work placement mandatory or voluntary?
    • What area would you like to complete the work placement?

    Your application will then be reviewed by the responsible coordinator to determine whether a space is available, after which we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How am I insured during my work placement?

    During your work placement you are insured against accidents through the University of Münster by the Unfallkasse Nordrhein-Westfalen.

  • Who should I contact to apply for an Erasmus+ internship?

    The application requirements for Erasmus+ internships are the same as those for mandatory work placements in the administration or a faculty.

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