equal opportunity and Diversity at the University of Münster

Diversity in the workplace and the classroom is centrally important at the University of Münster. The University values every single staff member and student regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, handicap, sexual orientation or religion. It promotes and expresses this commitment through an active gender equality and diversity policy. Its academic, university and student-based activities are largely defined by recognition across academic cultures and respect for individual personality. The University of Münster supports the myriad traits, talents and experiences of its staff and students. With a broad range of projects, programmes and funding opportunities, the University supports equal opportunity measures, enabling it to remain competitive and future-oriented.

Equal opportunity

The University of Münster regards equal opportunity and gender equality as tasks of strategic importance. The gender equality directive has meanwhile been institutionalised and integrated within university structures, processes and organisational cultures. The University of Münster continues to systematically implement the DFG Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality.



Mutual respect, a cosmopolitan mindset, internationality and diverse perspectives – situated at the centre of society, the University of Münster embraces diversity in all its dimensions. The diversity of our University staff and students with their unique characteristics, skills and perspectives is what drives and challenges us.

Family-friendly policy

Managing the demands of one's job, education and family is not always easy and often poses daunting challenges. The University of Münster makes every effort to consider the specific circumstances and needs of its employees and students. Whether it be childcare, flexible working times, teleworking, financial advice or support with caring for family members – the University of Münster offers numerous options and measures to adequately address these challenges.

Personnel development

The University's reputation as an attractive employer is underscored by its life- and career-phase personnel development measures. Taking their needs and wishes into consideration, the University of Münster promotes and professionally trains its employees on an ongoing basis. It supports university staff with developing their potential and strengthening their existing skills.

Concept paper “Personnel Development@WWU”

The University of Münster owes its success and its national and international reputation to its esteemed employees. The goal is to attract the brightest minds to the University and offer them the best working conditions possible. The concept paper “Personnel Development@WWU” outlines the principles and perspectives of personnel development at the University of Münster for researchers, university managers, academic supervisory staff and non-academic staff with specialist and leadership responsibilities.

Concept paper “Personnel Development@WWU“ (pdf)


The University of Münster offers leading national and international researchers a multifaceted and creative research environment. Its research profile is characterised by open-mindedness, cultural diversity and a diverse range of academic cultures. This is perhaps best demonstrated by the planned establishment of the nation's first and only "Campus of Religions" and in the current "Clusters of Excellence". This is where renowned researchers from around the world teach and conduct research on key issues of social relevance.


As a liberal-minded university, the WWU is devoted to supporting the diverse experiences and abilities of its students. It offers them the chance to independently and creatively pursue the education they desire – both inside and outside the lecture halls. With the skills gained in their degree programmes, students are optimally equipped to meet the demands of a pluralistic, internationally oriented and dynamic society, and serve as multipliers in society. Especially in the area of teacher education, the University of Münster prepares its students for adapting to and embracing the growing heterogeneity in our schools.
The University of Münster supports the needs of students who have children or family members in need of care, as well as students with physical disabilities.