Münster Centre for Emerging Researchers (CERes)

Welcome to the website of the Münster Centre for Emerging Researchers (CERes). In 2023, the former WWU Graduate Centre became a research centre. As such, we continue to accompany you as an internal academy, dear doctoral researchers and postdocs, on the paths you take in your training. In close proximity to research, as well as working closely with the faculties – and also with a view to a variety of career paths – we contribute to a research culture which lives up to its responsibilities to society, makes emerging researchers strong and raises their visibility.

Walk & Talk Sessions in the Botanical Garden
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Exchange and connect with peers - in motion

Would you like to take a short break and network across faculties, but at the same time wish to spend some time outdoors and go for a walk? If so, our Walk & Talk series is the right choice for you!

We meet during lunch time and exchange ideas on chosen topics in a casual atmosphere while walking in the Botanical Garden. Find more information on our Walk & Talk series.

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Schreiben mit Leichtigkeit und System

14.06.024 / 09:00-17:00
In diesem Workshop werden der Schreibprozess und die unterschiedlichen Schreibtypen näher beleuchtet und anhand von aktuellen Schreibprojekten die Teilschritte strukturiert und der Prozess greifbarer gemacht. Es wird eine Vernetzung zwischen den unterschiedlichen Forschungsrichtungen geben und Tipps, wie auch nach dem Workshop selber Schreibtreffen organisiert werden können.
Sichern Sie sich einen Platz!

New format
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Sharing informal knowledge

What actually happens behind the doors of professorial appointments committee? Have excellent researchers ever met a Reviewer 2? Unwritten rules, unspoken expectations, unofficial standards, hidden messages – some call it the “hidden curriculum” or implicit knowledge. We bare all! Learn more about this hybrid series entitled “Spill the tea!”