We at CERes .... advise you!

On the journey through your time as a doctoral researcher or postdoc, you will repeatedly have to make decisions and embark on (new) paths. In such cases, it is perfectly normal that there will be moments when you feel a lack of orientation or start looking for other perspectives. At CERes Münster we have a team of advisors and trainers who can offer you individual support with professional advice and coaching.  

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We offer you advice in a variety of contexts: career, funding, crises and conflicts or (bureaucratic) challenges for international researchers. Take a look at the workshops we offer, take advantage of the opportunities that peer coaching or coworking provide by learning from other researchers, or learn to see things more clearly during a walk-and-talk advisory session in the park. Naturally, we also offer traditional advice and coaching, one-on-one, in our office. Contact us, and together we’ll find an option to suit your needs.

Our team of advisors

Rebecca Meier Seminarraum EG Oktober 2023_2
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Innovative and attentive – speciality: postdocs & academic careers

Rebecca Meier
+49 251 83 23 119

Anneka Esch-van Kan Seminarraum EG Oktober 2023
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Creative and reliable – speciality: crises & advice on conflicts

Dr. Anneka Esch-van Kan
+49 251 83 23 112