Psychological counselling

I’m having a personal crisis!

Sometimes it’s all too much. When things get out of hand and nothing seems to improve your situation, then it’s time to get help. In a confidential meeting with a psychological counsellor, you can often gain new perspectives and identify potential solutions.

How can the ZSB help me?

The Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB) offers free counselling and support to students and doctoral candidates at the University of Münster who are feeling overwhelmed by the current academic situation or have indirectly related problems which are adversely affecting their state of mind, quality of life and, by extension, their academic progress.

The services of the ZSB include:

If you are facing an acute crisis, please contact the crisis emergency service of the city of Münster [DE].

Students of the Münster University of Applied Sciences can find further information here [DE].

What if I’m worried about a fellow student?

If you’re concerned about the psychological health of a fellow student, we encourage you to contact our psychological counsellors. We will discuss the situation with you, support you with planning your next steps and put you in contact with other agencies or organisations if necessary.
If you are very worried about an acute situation, please contact the social-psychiatric service in Münster:
Social-psychiatric service of the city of Münster [DE]

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The Student Advice and Counselling Centre supports the student self-help group Nightline Münster e.V. – Listening phone service for students: [DE]