Counselling service for staff and management in conflict-, addiction- and health-related matters

Wherever many people work together, there are bound to be differences in interests and needs, personalities, attitudes and expectations. These can lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings and even health problems. Conflicts are an inevitable part of professional life – even at a university.

The Counselling Service for Staff and Management offers employees fast, unbiased and confidential support in times of crisis – during working hours.

Our goal is to foster a healthy and cooperative working environment at our University.

Topics of counselling

We offer counselling in the following areas:

  • personal matters (e.g. personal and family-related problems)
  • professional challenges (e.g. conflicts with superiors and colleagues)
  • health problems (e.g. psychological and physical illnesses)
  • addictions (e.g. alcohol abuse)
  • supervisors and other officeholders (e.g. professional reintegration processes)
  • groups and teams (e.g. handling conflicts in the workplace)

Any questions?

Portrait of Sabine Kolck
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Sabine Kolck is a professionally trained and certified

  • social education worker
  • anti-stress trainer
  • process consultant
  • non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy

Please contact Ms. Kolck if you have any questions about our services.