The Münster University of Music [de] is one of the cultural centres of the region. Here soloists, orchestral musicians and music teachers are studying and preparing for their career. Performances, which are part of the study programme, are often open to the public and provide amply insights into the newest trends within the music world. You can find the concert programme of the University of Music here [de].

In addition to this about 25 choirs and orchestras are active to enrichen the cultural life on campus and within the city. While the focus is on classical music there are as well three big bands, a gospel choir, theatre, dance any so many more. A list of all ensembles together with short profiles can be found in the Kulturatlas [de]. Homepages of the ensembles are linked if available. All students and staff members of the university are invited to play an active role in shaping cultural life on campus.