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Welcome Centre

The Welcome Centre of the International Office offers international researchers and their host faculties [de] a broad range of information and consultation services. Even before you arrive, the Welcome Centre provides ongoing assistance, initiates personal and academic contact with other researchers and organises numerous info and cultural events throughout your stay. We provide advice on financial aid, can help you arrange follow-up visits and accompany you to the Foreigners' Registration Office if you wish to extend your stay in Münster. We can also arrange accommodation for you at a University guest house and initiate language partnerships with German colleagues. In close coordination with other University departments, the Welcome Centre can help you find information on a wide array of topics, such as taxes, pension insurance, family support programmes, German courses and much more.


Please visit our team page for more information about our activities, services, contact data and opening hours.

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The Welcome Centre cordially invites all international researchers and their families to participate in our events offered during the semester. For more information, please read our flyer.

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Guest accommodation for international researchers

Finding a place to live in Münster can be difficult, especially at the beginning of every semester. International researchers at the University of Münster can find accommodation at one of our four guest houses with a total of 100 apartments of varying sizes and price categories. We urge you to start looking for accommodation as early as possible.

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Bringing your family

As a family-friendly university, the University of Münster is committed to helping its staff balance career and family obligations. On the following pages, we provide information on childcare services, schools and financial aid for families.

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Dual Career Service

When academics receive an appointment at the University of Münster, their life partners are often forced to put their careers on hold. The Dual Career Service was established to help them map out their career prospects and reorientate themselves professionally.