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WiRe Fellows

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  • © WWU / Nikolaus Urban
  • © WWU / Nikolaus Urban
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  • Dr Angélique Lamaze
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  • Dr Anna Stejskalova
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  • Dr Chiara Ferrario
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  • Dr Giulia Marotta
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  • Dr Maria Sanchez Ronco
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About: WiRe - Women in Research

WiRe was a fellowship programme for international female postdoctoral researchers collaboratively funded by the DFG ("Research in Germany" campaign),  WWU's Equal Opportunity Office, and the University of Münster Foundation.

Our WiRe fellowship payed respect to the special needs of women in research, focusing on female Postdocs. WiRe considered different aspects that are crucial for the compatibility of life and work for women in research in order to strengthen them in their acadamic career persistence and advancement.

From February 2018 until February 2019, seven outstanding female postdocs were offered the opportunity to get to know the WWU within a self-chosen timeframe of 1 to 6 months. They thus got the possibility to explore research and development possibilities as well as the city itself and its facilities for accompanying family members. Funding, support structures, mentoring and workshops gave an insight of future possibilities for top female scientists in Münster. In return, our interntional fellows helped us create further awareness of the excellent and family-friendly research possibilities at the WWU.

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Postdoctoral Fellowships for Female Researchers!

From February 2018 until February 2019, "WiRe" offered fellowships for international young female scientists (postdoc level). Our WiRe Fellows could spend 1 to 6 months researching at the University of Münster and benefit from our excellent research and development opportunities. We are currently unable to accept new fellows.

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