Representation of the spin of a nano-acoustic wave. This propagates in a nanowire lying on a piezoelectric material. The small arrows symbolise the direction and strength of the gyrating electric field. The large arrows at the top show the direction of propagation and the transverse spin of the sound wave. The colour coding in the nanowire or in the crystal indicates the piezoelectric potential (blue: minimum, red: maximum).<address>© Maximilian Sonner</address>
© Maximilian Sonner

Spin-sonics: Acoustic wave gets the electrons spinning

A team of German and American researchers have succeeded in detecting the rolling movement of a nano-acoustic wave predicted by the famous physicist and Nobel prize-winner Lord Rayleigh in 1885.

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You have a promising, clearly defined scientific goal, and competent partners have been found. Yet that alone does not guarantee success. Finding the right funding programmes and tapping these through cleverly crafted applications is an essential step in the process. The administration of the University of Münster provides researchers with sound, reliable advice and support.

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