"Religion and Politics" – Cluster of Excellence at the WWU Münster

The Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics. Dynamics of Tradition and Innovation” has been investigating since 2007 the complex relationship between religion and politics across eras and cultures. In the funding phase from 2019 to 2025, the 140 researchers from 20 disciplines in the humanities and social sciences analyze in transepochal studies ranging from antiquity to the present day the factors that make religion the motor of political and social change. The research network is the largest of its kind in Germany; and, of the Clusters of Excellence, one of the oldest and the only one to deal with the issue of religion. full story

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Fellowships for academics fleeing their homeland

The Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” at the University of Münster is now awarding with immediate effect five fellowships for academics fleeing Ukraine, Belarus or Russia. Funding is offered for up to six months.

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“Of defenders and explorers”

The international population survey “Of defenders and explorers”, which was conducted by the Cluster of Excellence in 2021, provided the first empirical evidence of the division of European societies along identity-political lines into two entrenched political camps. The survey attracted a broad media response both nationally and internationally, and the Working Report on the study has now been published by Springer VS as a book and Open Access publication.

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Introduction to the Digital Humanities

A public lecture series at the University of Münster see speakers from science, society, and politics deal with Russia’s war on Ukraine. The series opened with a lecture by East European historian Prof. Dr. Ricarda Vulpius from the Cluster of Excellence, who has spoken on “Ukraine and Russian-Ukrainian relations – a historical introduction”. Organized by Vulpius and the Catholic theologian Prof. Dr. Thomas Bremer (University of Münster), the series will include lectures on military policy, questions of energy supply, and the role of the churches. Further information and programme here.

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