"Religion and Politics" – Cluster of Excellence at the WWU Münster

The Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics in Pre-Modern and Modern Cultures” was founded in 2007 at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. Some 200 academics from more than 20 disciplines in the humanities and social sciences and from around 14 countries deal with the relationship of religion and politics across epochs and cultures. It is nationally the largest research association of its kind and of the 43 Clusters of Excellence in Germany, it is the only one to deal with religion. full story

Handbook of Autobiography/Autofiction

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Autobiographical writings have been a major cultural genre from antiquity to the present time. A new three-volume handbook, edited by literary scholar Prof. Dr. Martina Wagner-Egelhaaf, offers a comprehensive survey of theoretical approaches, systematic aspects, and historical developments in an international and interdisciplinary perspective.

Bulwark myths through Europe’s eastern periphery

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The “bulwark myth” — whereby a region is imagined as a defensive barrier against a dangerous Other — has been a persistent strand in the development of Eastern European nationalisms. “Rampart Nations” uncovers the mutual transfers and multi-sided national and interconfessional conflicts that helped to spread bulwark myths through Eastern Europe.

Religious Change in the Modern Age – Video of the series “Research Projects in Focus”

What do people think of other religions? Do people in modern societies feel threatened by foreign cultures? Do they have prejudice against other religions? When sociologist of religion Prof. Dr. Detlef Pollack receives the results of his representative surveys on religion and ideology, it is a special moment: the thoughts and feelings of the entire population stretch out before him. Together with his research team, he evaluates the data in detail. What the team finds out about religious attitudes and practices, about acceptance of foreign religions and resistance to them, is what Prof. Pollack reports in a new episode of the video series Research Projects in Focus. The film presents his research project “Religious Change in the Modern Age” at the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” of Münster University. (maz/vvm)

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Research Transfer