"Religion and Politics" – Cluster of Excellence at the WWU Münster

The Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics in Pre-Modern and Modern Cultures” was founded in 2007 at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. Some 200 academics from more than 20 disciplines in the humanities and social sciences and from around 14 countries deal with the relationship of religion and politics across epochs and cultures. It is nationally the largest research association of its kind and of the 43 Clusters of Excellence in Germany, it is the only one to deal with religion. full story

New Book on Religious Policy Today

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“Religionspolitik heute” is a new overview volume on religious policy today in Germany from the Cluster of Excellence “Religion und Politik”. It combines religious political analyses and positions from academics, politics and religious and philosophical communities for the first time.

„Studying Migration Policies“

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Issues of migration policy have gained in importance in Europe and around the globe. Against this background, the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics“ of Münster University, the Forum Internationale Wissenschaft (FIW), and the Center of Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF Bielefeld) will hold a conference taking place 10-12 September 2018 in Bielefeld entitled "Studying Migration Policies at the Interface between Empirical Research and Normative Analysis", organised by philosopher Dr. Matthias Hoesch, Cluster of Excellence, and sociologist Dr. Lena Laube (FIW).

Hugo Falcandus and the Royal Court in Palermo

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On the occasion of the 75th birthday of the medieval historian Prof. Dr. Gerd Althoff of the Cluster of Excellence, the Munich historian Prof. Dr. Knut Görich will give a lecture on how the medieval writer Hugo Falcandus described the Kingdom of Sicily (1130-1861).

Jesus in the Koran

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The Islamic theologian Prof. Dr Mouhanad Khorchide of the University of Münster’s Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” has published two new Islam books for the general public.

Philosopher Warns Against “Drifting into State Terrorism” – Episode of the video series “Peace”

In the face of international conflicts, the philosopher and ethicist Prof. Dr Michael Quante warns against state warfare drifting into “state terrorism”. “In view of modern weapon systems, we need a social debate on the ethically and legally justifiable options of warfare that states have. State warfare can no longer always be distinguished from acts of terrorism, for example in Afghanistan, Yemen or Lebanon,” said the scholar from the University of Münster’s Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics”. He insists on honesty in the choice of words when it comes to war and peace. With a view to German arms exports, debates on the amount of German defence spending and international interference in conflicts such as those in Syria, Yemen or Afghanistan, “we should not trivialise by speaking of ‘crisis operations’, ‘armed conflicts’ or even ‘humanitarian interventions’, but of war. (sca/vvm)

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Research Transfer