Annuals themes of the Cluster of Excellence

The annual themes give unity to the Cluster’s academic programme and sharpen its public profile by focusing on specific research themes and highlighting interdisciplinary strengths.

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Entitled “Tradition(s)”, the second annual theme of the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” will use selected examples ranging from antiquity to the present to explore how traditions emerge and change, as well as the process of transmission, how various disciplines conceptualize the process, and the importance of the process for understanding religions. It will also examine how far criticizing, rewriting and re-appropriating traditions bring innovation to the religious landscape.

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Belonging and demarcation

The first annual theme of the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” is entitled “Belonging and Demarcation. Dynamics of social formation”. Its programme 2020/21 addresses the question of how different social groups live together in plural societies, how membership of groups and ideas of identity emerge, and how conflicts are regulated and social balance achieved.